Amazon review of Moto 360 Gen 2

First things first, I love my gadgets. I change my smartwatch at least yearly and I get bored quickly. I’ve recently had, in order:

1. Sony Smartwatch 2 – great starter smartwatch
2. Sony Smartwatch 3 – excellent value androidwear watch with GPS
3. Samsung Gear S2 – unique OS, unique design with rotating bezel
4. Apple Watch – briefly, just to try it and see what all the fuss was about
5. Pebble Time – hmmm, quirky! Still miss it 🙂
6. Moto 360 Gen 2

As you can see from the list, the Moto 360 Gen 2 is my current smartwatch of choice. I’ve sold all the others.

First things first, it’s an Androidwear watch. As such, ALL Androidwear watches do exactly the same thing because they all run the same interface. It’s not like your phone where each manufacturer can customise their own interface and you find that Sony runs pretty stock whereas Samsung heavily customise it with Touchwiz. Google don’t allow this, so each watch runs *exactly* the same software. They pretty much all have the same hardware too – minor differences like GPS on the Sony, ambient light sensors on some, not others etc, slightly different processor speeds and battery life, but all with the same ram and all doing the same thing. Therefore, you buy an Androidwear watch mainly on it’s looks.

Looks is the killer feature of this watch in my opinion. The Sony Smartwatch 3 might have had a GPS, but it was square and square means boring (in Androidwear circles), there’s only Sony and Asus doing a square watch and square screens are few and far between. All the good square screens are digital – try fitting a round analogue display on a square watch and you’ll soon see it looks awful.

Compared to the LG, it is thinner, lighter, nicer, more customisable – you can order it in many different colours – although I’m a tradittionalist and like plain black or plain silver – maybe gold.

I won’t compare it to the Apple watch. If you have an iPhone, get the Apple watch. Simple.

I will breifly mention the Pebble range. I liked it, it was fun and quirky, but quite limited and to be honest, I don’t see that they have a future. They keep going back to Kickstarter each time they want to launch a new watch because they don’t have the finances or financial backing to just do it. I see them going bust in a couple of years.

Now the Samsung Gear S2 is a completely different kettle of fish. I loved that watch. It looked fantastic, was fully waterproof, it had a rotating bezel to select stuff and I wrote a lovely review about it. However, after living with it for 6 months, the novelty of it had worn off – I quickly tired of showing it to people and them saying “that looks nice, what is it?” I found Samsung’s S voice tiresome – it just didn’t do half of what Google Now did. I found the notifications lacking. I thought I would enjoy reading all my emails and SMS on the watch, but I didn’t. Androidwear have it about right, you want a watch to give you instant notifications: traffic, weather, cricket scores, facebook messages, SMS. You don’t need anything else. But apart from the vast range of apps and games available to Androidwear (compared to Samsung), the think I missed the most was Google Now. I just couldn’t talk to the Samsung watch, but I talk to the Moto all the time – asking for directions, replying to texts whilst driving etc etc.

I can’t promise I’ll still have it in 2 years time, but for the time being, it is my watch of choice and I don’t see me changing any time soon and I certainly don’t see me moving away from Androidwear.

Some pics of the notifications and games etc are below.

If you have any questions about it, let me know – especially if you are torn between the Gear S2 and this – I’ll try and be impartial and help you decide. If this review helped, let me know by voting it helpful.



Amazon review: Noza Tec 15 piece lock pic set

This is an excellent kit comprising of:

1 x clear padlock with keys
12 x Lock Pick Set
1 x Key Extractor
2 x Tension Wrenches
1 x Case

The clear padlock allows you to see how the pins are moved as you pick them, or if you are lazy, as you rake them.

The picks themselves are fine. They are made of hardened spring steel and should last. The handles aren’t covered in any sort of nice rubber grip, but then it’s not the handles that are important, it’s the ends of the picks themselves. The two tension wrenches have a nice springy feel to them and allow you to rest just the right amount of finger presssure on them to open whatever lock you are trying to open.

I would class myself as reasonably competent when it comes to picking locks. I have several lock pick kits from a basic keyring type, to jigglers, to bump keys and a traditional kit comprising of aroun 100 picks. I’ve been playing at it for years and am regularly called upon to open desks, lockers and filing cabinets at work when people have lost their keys. I can also open most Yale-type locks on front doors.

This kit doesn’t disapoint at all and has quickly become my “go to” kit for carring around in my bag as it packs away in such a small space.

The padlock is an added bonus because if you are learning, it will really help you get the idea of what to do (especially when coupled with youtube instructional videos) but if you know how to pick already, you can have hours of fun teaching other people how to do it as it is a great teaching aid!

All in all, my favourite kit. Ideal as a starter kit, a training kit, an educational aid or just a day to day kit that packs away small.



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